The Benefits of Surge Protection

A surge protector is designed to help keep your electrical equipment safe from any voltage spikes. It regulates the voltage within your electrical devices (either through blocking or grounding) so that it is always at a safe level for your equipment. Surges happen a lot more frequently than homeowners might realize, and when they do occur, you will want  a whole house surge protector installed to protect your appliances and devices.

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The Beauty of Recessed Lighting in a Home

Recessed lighting is an attractive way to illuminate a room without harsh lamps or traditional light fixtures. Because they are installed flush against the ceiling’s surface, they may even give the room a larger feel, regardless of how small it is. The cost of recessed lighting is the biggest reason homeowners’ avoid it, but once you take a look at the benefits, you may consider it a worthwhile investment.

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Installing a Chandelier? Do Not Forget to Use a Chandelier Lift

Chandeliers offer truly distinctive beauty for your home. They are timeless and can add a touch of personality to your style and décor. Whether you are installing one in the dining room or within your foyer, be aware that proper maintenance is key. Chandeliers require cleaning to illuminate beautifully; but due to their height, reaching them is not easy.

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Is Your Swimming Pool Electrically Sound?

You may not hear about it on the news, but electrocutions are a definite possibility in a swimming pool. After all, swimming pools have electrical components that power the pumps, filtration systems, and even pool lights. As a pool owner, you do your due diligence to ensure the water is safe to swim in and that there is just the right balance of chemicals. While you are doing all of that routine maintenance, do not forget to have your electrical systems checked and maintained too.

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