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Author: JLC Electrical Contractors

COVID-19 Update

During these unique times JLC Electrical Contractors understands that COVID-19 has impacted everyone in some way.  Our thoughts are with anyone who has been affected by the virus, especially those who are sick.  We are doing everything in our control to operate business as usual.  In doing so JLC Electrical Contractors is able to do our part in supporting our local economy by continuing to support our employees and vendors. JLC Electrical Contractors are following recommended workplace strategies outlined by health authorities.

Benefits of Installing Standby Generators In Your Place of Business

Power outages can cause sudden shut downs which many times translates to significant loss of business. Whether you are running a bar or restaurant, retail store, manufacturing plant or warehouse having a backup source for power supply is critical for operations and to maintain customer satisfaction in the event of a power outage.

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GFCI Protection In The Kitchen

GFCI Protection Is Important In Commercial & Residential Kitchens

Ground fault circuit interrupter, commonly known as GFCI, protected receptacles are critical to ensure safe operations in kitchens, bathrooms or any other place inside or outside your home or business where there is moisture. Electrical appliances that are not properly maintained, damaged electrical cords, wet floors are just a few things that can cause harm without GFCI protection. The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that all receptacles (including 15- and 20A, 125V receptacles) be GFCI-protected, irrespective of whether they are located in countertop areas. More sensitive than circuit breakers, they act faster to protect you, your staff or patrons from electric shock which causes burns, heart arrhythmia or nervous system damage, even death.

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Installing a Chandelier? Do Not Forget to Use a Chandelier Lift

Chandeliers offer truly distinctive beauty for your home. They are timeless and can add a touch of personality to your style and décor. Whether you are installing one in the dining room or within your foyer, be aware that proper maintenance is key. Chandeliers require cleaning to illuminate beautifully; but due to their height, reaching them is not easy.

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Building a Pool? Do Not Forget to Call A Licensed Electrician

Swimming pool construction is exciting but a challenging project. From the endless permits to inspections to the physical labor involved, it is not a quick and easy job. As a company that builds swimming pools, you have a duty to those who order your services: to ensure a safe, durable swimming pool.

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